Exceptional Resumes, CV's and Cover Letters


Maximise your chances of landing interviews


Just like doing business in New York, progressing your career is a competitive pursuit. With perhaps 100 applicants and recruiters scanning resumes in seconds, how do you cut through and stand out from the crowd? How do you go from resume to interview?

The answer is clear: understand what recruiters are after and give it to them!

After many years of employing staff and now as a professional recruiter, all my experience has been distilled down to produce a Blueprint that gives you the best chance of landing interviews. Here it is:

The Blueprint

  • Align the job application precisely with the job advertisement

  • Communicate directly to the recruiter

  • Make it easy for the recruiter to find the information they want

  • Produce clean, simple documents that are easy to read

  • Eliminate errors


Everything in How to Write Exceptional Resumes and Cover Letters to Forward Your Career is based on the Blueprint and will improve your chances of success to land that job interview!


Tips, tools and plenty of examples are provided to help you stand out from the crowd and land on the Yes pile!

Please have a read of the About and Book pages and see if this is for you.

If you are dissatisfied with your current resume, CV or cover letters, get the book today and maximise the chances of progressing your career and landing that next interview! 





"I found the sequential modules useful as this not only breaks down the topic, but also makes it easy to understand with all its supporting information and examples. This book will aid in bringing success and better results when it comes to advancing a career".

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