Tim Larkin is the creator of the Blueprint for Making Successful Job Applications, the ultimate method to produce job application documents that connect with recruiters.

He is currently a Recruitment Consultant and author of “How to Write Exceptional Resumes and Cover Letters to Forward your Career”

During my business career, I've read thousands of Resumes / CV's and Cover Letters. I'm a Recruitment Consultant so it comes with the territory, but there's something much more important than that. You see, as a Manager, I've been responsible for employing more than 100 people - that's staff that worked with me in various companies. That's having real skin in the business of recruiting people into new jobs and career advancement.


The truth is, wading through a stack of Resumes / CV's for any given job can be a painful process for one simple reason: most people don't give the right information to sell themselves properly. Why? Because they are sending out one single Resume / CV for multiple jobs. Chances are, these applications are not addressing the specifics and nuances of each individual job. Which means the application is not connecting directly with the recruiter...which means a tendency to land on the "no" pile! 


It is this experience that has informed the Blueprint for Successful Job Applications. The Blueprint will do one thing for you: create job applications that give recruiters what they want, how they want, leading to a greater tendency of landing on the "yes" pile!


Even if you're one of the few that do individualise your job applications, the Blueprint will make you even more effective. Learn how to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses (we all have them!). Learn how to go beyond the usual supporting stats like KPI scores or results to budget and make your application pop with highly relevant and compelling examples and information the recruiter won't be expecting. Learn how to create concise, professional and effective Resumes / CV's and Cover Letters that give you the absolute best chance of landing the interview!


I can’t write your cover letters and resumes/CV's for you.

This is not “get a thousand resume formats here”.

If you’re looking for “the easy way”.

This is not about being tricky with graphics and other visual devices. (I can’t tell you enough what a waste of time they are)! It’s not about how pretty it looks, it’s about can the person do the job!



In other words: This is your career we’re talking about! If you’re not prepared to understand the concepts here and intend to implement at least one of them – do not buy this book!


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then consider buying this book.

If you do, thank you and let’s get started!

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