How to write exceptional resumes and cover letters to advance your career is also available in print and e book (not all stores carry the print version) in many great book stores around the world:






















Inside the book:



How to get the most out of this book, the job application process, the Successful Applications Formula, rookie mistakes.


Module 1

Who job applications are targeted to, how recruiters deal with multiple applications, Automatic Tracking Systems, Blueprint for making job applications.


Module 2

The job advertisement, Selection Criteria, capturing all information, company information.


Module 3

Providing evidence - this is all about supporting your skills and experience with numbers, results and facts that back up your claims. A host of examples, ideas and tips are provided to help you come up with as much evidence as possible. Everyone uses the obvious numbers like KPI scores and performance to target numbers, but there’s so much more you could use to make your application pop! Plenty of examples and explanation provided. 


Module 4

The cover letter – first impressions, cover letter structure, structure in detail, example cover letters with notes.


Module 5

The Resume Part 1 – The structure. Every component of the structure shown and explained with plenty of examples, guidance and advice. Includes how to use job history dates, how to deal with gaps in your job history, optimising company descriptions, how to describe each job in your work history, education/professional qualifications/development, the finished product, re-cap.


Module 6

The Resume Part 2 – What not to put in your resume, where to put education/professional qualifications/development, how much space to allocate to each job, how to use company information, how to cover as many of the Selection Criteria as possible (tips, techniques and ideas with plenty of examples), what if you have a limited job history, addressing weaknesses - we all have them! Summary, checklist, a reality check!



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